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2019-present Betting Record




2019 Betting Statistics:​

Return on Investment: 19%

Units Profit: 99.9

Profit Per Event: 2.27

Units Bet: 539.95

Events Won/Lost: 28/16


Mission Statement

Our mission at AJ's Action-Packed Sports Bets is to save our clients time and make our clients money by delivering the highest quality strategies and analysis focusing on NFL, NBA, and my bread & butter, Mixed Martial Arts.


Prosperity, Excitement, Consistency, Education, Longevity


AJ is fully transparent about the bets he places and has his MMA bets third-party tracked here: https://www.betmma.tips/AnthonyS364

Aj also 'gambles' responsibly and perceives it as an opportunity to invest based on research and analysis. AJ bets no more than 5% of his betting bankroll on a single bet. 

When I found out I was talented at sports betting

The event that prompted me to do sports betting was the DraftKings Sports Betting National Championship. Prior to the event, I was a DraftKings daily fantasy sports player.


I qualified through an NBA lineup (in NBA DFS you basically put together an 8 man roster and try to obtain the highest score versus the field within the respective contest you're playing in).


I stayed up until midnight (during the week when I wake up before 5 am every day for work) to see if I came in first place in the contest (it was all or nothing to qualify within the contest).  Thankfully, I did. (please see the first image to the right). 


At the event, I met a lot of awesome people during the DKSBNC experience in New Jersey and placed 50th (see 'anthonys54' shown in the leader board image). I loved betting at the event even though I had not had any prior experience.


I have been very successful since the inception of my betting career.  My betting focus is on three sports: Mixed Martial Arts (UFC, Bellator, Rizin, and PFL), Basketball (NBA), and Football (NFL). I love learning and applying the knowledge I've obtained from watching these sports ever since my college days. I also enjoy helping others achieve their goals from my expertise.


My contact information:

Email: ajsactionpackedsportsbets@gmail.com

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Twitter: @AJMMABetting

Instagram: ajmmabetting